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ApplicationsMenu (Cairo-Dock applet)

ApplicationsMenu is my first Cairo-Dock applet.  It is written in C# and requires Mono, NDesk.DBus, and libgnome-menus. Its goal is to emulate the Mac OSX applications menu as much as possible with the API provided. You can download it here: ApplicationsMenu Cairo-Dock Applet v0.0.1 The source contains multiple useful components: 1. A (beautiful) C# wrapper […]

How to watch Hulu in the Playstation 3 browser

Even though the PS3 Hulu experience kind of sucked, I kept hoping it would get better after each System Update. Until… Hulu banned the Playstation 3 browser. The message they give is “This video is not available on your platform”. I could go on a tirade about this, but instead I will just arm you […]

How to forward all ports to a ‘dmz’ with Shorewall

Open up /etc/shorewall/rules in your favorite text editor (nano) as root.  Add this line (and replace with your ‘DMZ’ computer): DNAT            net             loc: all The confusion stems from the fact that most consumer-grade hardware routers consider the DMZ to be “the place where I forward everything.”  Drove me nuts trying to figure this out, […]

On gnome-panel, nvidia twinview, spanning, and multiple screens

If you found this post with a search for those particular keywords, this post may help you figure out what you’re trying to achieve, regardless of what I was trying to achieve, so I wouldn’t automatically dismiss this after I describe my setup. Here is my configuration: Mandriva Linux x86-64 Gnome desktop Two similar nVidia […]